2003 Volvo XC90 Cutaway Safety Demo
Mileage: 1
Engine: None
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: None
Exterior color: Crystal Green
Fuel type: Gasoline
Stock number: C7842
Fuel economy:
Vehicle History:

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Hello, my name is and I'm writing you today to learn more about the 2003 Volvo XC90 Cutaway Safety Demo listed for $5,900.00. I live in the area and I would like to hear back from you soon and learn more about this vehicle. Please call me at at your earliest convenience.

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Pennant Motors, LLC.
Pennant Motors, LLC.
7589 West Ridge Rd Fairview, PA 16415

This is an extremely special piece of Volvo history.

This XC90 Safety Demo Cutaway has been the pride and joy of our collection of Volvo promotional items, and traveled the country on the car show circuit in 2002 and 2003, prior to the release of the Volvo XC90. It took serious effort to acquire this XC90 shell for our collection as most auto show promotions are destroyed after use. It is our understanding that some were made available to dealerships who met won certain performance contests.  Upon winning one, they were allowed to purchase this cutaway.  We discovered after the fact that only approximately five of these XC90 cutaways were produced for various car shows across the world. When we learned about the existance of this cutaway, we lobbied to purchase it from its owner, Volvo of Louisville (in Louisville, KY) for several months. They finally decided they were willing to part ways with it in January 2015. We immediately headed south in our XC90 V8 to pick it up and tow it back! There are photos attached documenting our trip to pick it up.

Our knowledge of the origin of these cutaways is purely anicdotal and comes from information given to us by various employees of Volvo Cars North America and current and former dealership employees. It is our understanding that this cutaway did not originally go to Volvo of Louisville, but another dealership which subsiquently went out of business. At that point, Volvo of Louisville acquired it.

The reason we must sell this cutaway is that we lack the space to continue to keep it. We have since been able to acquire a second 2003 XC90 Cutaway, and that one is outfitted with a full drivetrain and partial cutaway interior, so of the two, this one must go. We have expanded as a dealership, and our collection of Volvo items and artifacts has also expanded to the point where 14,000 square feet of indoor space just isn't adequate anymore. Thus, this XC90 cutaway must go.

This cutaway is very light and rolls very very easily.  It can easily be pushed onto a u-haul trailer by hand (as shown), and could be easily rolled onto an enclosed carrier to be shipped anywhere in the country (or world, for that matter).  It does have a functional parking brake which likely needs a bit of adjustment, but we'll work on attending to that before the cutaway is sold.  Presently, it does keep the cutaway from rolling, but if you push it hard enough, it will still roll.

This part is very important:  We care more about this piece of Volvo history going to a place where it will be enjoyed by Volvo enthusiasts and fans than the actual selling price.  It must, of course, make some financial sense to sell this extremely unique piece of Volvo history, however it's of extreme importance that the buyer have the space to store and care for it, and perhaps the ability to share it with other Volvo enthusiasts.  We'd love to see it go to a Museum, Volvo dealership, or, of course, a Volvo enthusiast. 

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